Among them they are: "The laws of this world - is the foundation of all virtues they need to learn and follow them to the letter and its contents in a hurry." "Live in the minds and hearts, in harmony with its neighbors, countrymen and relatives" (tantra are explanations). This is not just moralizing and medical advice, as a way of life - the most important determinant of human health. unhealthy and unhealthy food life - the source of all diseases, mental and physical. Without changing his mind, the man will browse around these guys neurontin never get rid of the disease. And only someone who has set high goals, to be able to win their passions and feelings, free your mind from ignorance, staying on the road to recovery. 18. I do not like to miss a meal, feeling uncomfortable because of hunger, nervousness, irritability. 14. I am very attached to the family, friends. Iva Belaya, carbohydrates and fats koraIzbytok slow digestion leads inevitably to an increase in cholesterol levels in the blood, tissues and organs, followed by their deposition on the walls of the blood